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South Bend Museum of Art
Porto's Bakery
Ivy Court Inn & Suites
Kinnikinnick Farm
Deerfields Bakery
Brammall Industrial Supply
August Hill Winery and Illinois Sparkling Co.
LOTS of undocumented positive feedback from the riverside banners! Letters from community members, huge positive response from board members, comments like “wow, they don’t look like something you would see in South Bend!” Compliments on the sophistication of design and engineering. People seek out the museum now because they saw the banners (first indication that the museum was inside the building). Increased SBMA visibiltiy and presence at the “Meet Me on the Island” events (huge)! And, (from me) I think they are the very best visibility thing we have done...ever!

Susan Visser, Executive Director, SBMA

As our business expanded, it was clear that we needed help establishing a new business brand. Well grounded in sound business strategy, Paula began the process by gathering background information and performing competitive research. Her initial designs were artistic and intuitive resulting in the perfect logo for our business. Bodnar Design Consultancy continued on to deliver uniqueness to our entirely new packaging line while maintaining consistent graphic elements, use of materials, specific typefaces, and color scheme. The result was a unique packaging presence that stands apart and was warmly and successfully received by our clientele.

Raul Porto, President, Porto’s Bakery

Paula is such a pleasure and inspiration to work with. She assisted our property with many aspects of design and has always been creative, insightful and helpful. Paula has a very unique and talented way to describe her thoughts and ideas to portray her vision. She is always quick to respond to inquiries, and handles projects with the utmost integrity and professionalism. Her proficiency in the business along with her vivid knowledge of the industry make her a “must have” when working on a project that is close to your heart, and unusual in nature.

Heather Goralski, General Manager, Ivy Court Inn & Suites

We are exceedingly happy with the work Bodnar Design has done for us this winter, and we look forward to initiating more projects at the beginning of the growing season.

Susan Cleverdon, Owner, Kinnikinnick Farm

Bodnar Design has been instrumental in redesigning and strengthening the Deerfields Bakery brand over the course of the last 7 years. Their unique consultative, collaborative and friendly approach to design has made easy answering the tough questions of 'who do we want to be', 'how do we want to appear and to whom'. BDC is professional in their approach, responsible and responsive in their delivery, and all at a great value. The Bodnar Design team feels like an extension of our own. They know, understand and care about our business as much as we do.

Tim Schmitt, President, Deerifields Bakery

Ms. Bodnar, already familiar with our city by means of an earlier project, was quick to grasp the importance and intent of what we were trying to accomplish – to transform a longstanding building of little significance into a high traffic, arts-centered facility that adds value to the surrounding community. A painstaking process of pictorial review, copy editing, and design choices produced museum-quality visuals that have truly defined our space and elevated our building to a level we could only have imagined.

Her highly creative work was done on time, on budget and most importantly – with great sensitivity to the desired outcome. Her work included visual design, material selection, typography and production oversight. Additionally she provided identity branding and associated logo materials – all exceeding our expectations. I would highly recommend Bodnar Design Consultancy for any project demanding a unique identity and attention to detail.

Kenneth Ankli
President, Brammall Industrial Supply
President, Quarternote Lofts

Paula has been a pleasure to work with throughout our project. Her first priority was learning who we are and what we want to be. She took that information and designed a brand that included everything from marketing materials to websites and everything in between. She looked at our project as a whole, not as individual tasks. The result is a cohesive brand. Not only is Paula a collaborator, she is patient, thoughtful, thorough, insightful, knowledgeable, kind and considerate. A true professional.

Teri Wenzel
Co-Owner, August Hill Winery
Co-Owner, ISC (Illinois Sparkling Co.)