Deerfields Bakery

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Deerfields Bakery is a 5th generation, family-owned business that has been baking for over a century. With three stores in Chicagoland and a thriving wholesale business, It generates $6M in sales annually and has earned its delicious reputation.

In several phases, the first with a student workforce at The University of Notre Dame, BDC refreshed the bakery's identity, from packaging to marketing materials, and helped create their exclusive fair trade, organic coffee brand: Deer Joe Coffee™.

Bodnar Design has also refreshed all store interiors, taken most product photography, and has helped develop several Deerfields Bakery sub-brands, including:

Deerfields Café - identity - environmental

Deer Joe Coffee™ - identity - packaging - video

Gluten Free - identity - packaging

125th Birthday - identity - event - event - video